Winter in the Yaak
Photo by Randy Beacham
Board Match

The Yaak Valley Forest Council formed in 1997 because local residents were concerned with the health and management of the forest lands in which we reside. Prior to YVFC’s conception there had never been a lasting, organized effort of Yaak Valley based residents to advocate and implement conservation, and restoration programs focused specifically upon the valley’s critical wildlife habitat for the myriad sensitive, threatened, and endangered species inhabiting the valley’s landscape. Now, after over fourteen years of operation, YVFC has more than 100 local supporters and a national mailing list of over 1000. With a dedicated staff and active Board of Directors, YVFC has established a strong and growing conservation presence locally within the valley, as well as the region, including joint ventures with organizations in Southern British Columbia. Our work focuses on permanent protection of wild areas, habitat restoration, connectivity, education, as well as the cutting edge of community development. YVFC is led by residents of the Yaak Valley who know the landscape intimately, who have a high level of field experience, and who have developed strong collaborative projects with other grassroots groups, as well as county, state, and federal officials. We share a commitment to the valley that consistently requires sacrifice and tenacity to help ensure that present and future resource management of the Yaak Valley continues to move toward a local model based on stewardship principles of forestry, including habitat conservation and restoration and permanent protection of the last roadless areas through the Wilderness Act of 1964.

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