Coalition for Recovery

Creating a Coalition for Grizzly Recovery

We are currently focusing our grassroots efforts on building a Coalition for Recovery for grizzly bears in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem, after a Grizzly bear DNA study of the region showed far less than the estimated sustainable population and recovery goal of 100 bears.

Photo by Anthony South

We began working with regional biologists who are recovering the local bear population and aim to engage local landowners in a conversation about how to co exist peacefully with wildlife and support a thriving Grizzly population in the Cabinet Yaak recovery zone. Some of our work includes sourcing funding for electric fencing and bear proof trash containers and helping landowners secure bear attractants in order to minimize encounters between bears and humans.

Please contact Robyn King for more information at

As part of our coalition for recovery efforts, our Community Development program holds an annual fall apple festival in conjunction with our well established Troy Farmers Market.  This event brings our community together to celebrate our apple harvest and is an opportunity to raise awareness about living with wildlife specifically through bear education.

As part of a USDA grant we purchased a commercial grade apple press with the objective of creating a recurring fall apple-pressing and bear awareness event. In the week before the event, volunteers from local schools and the community pick and prepare apples for pressing, including apple-picking for local landowners who are not able to harvest apples themselves. On the day of the festival, we host fun bear education activities such as bear spray practice (with inert canisters) and bear identification crafts and games. The Apple Festival is celebrated annually in Troy MT and coincides with the apple harvest – usually in mid to late October. See our calendar for this year’s dates.

Please contact Shawna Kelsey at for more information about the Apple Festival.