Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

Neighbors working with neighbors across Montana

Recent FJRA press releases:

Tester’s Forest Jobs Act Sails Through Committee
Flathead Beacon, April 9, 2014

Forest bill on move; local rancher, lumber mill weigh in on proposal
The Montana Standard, December 20, 2013

Senate Plan Mixes Wilderness, Timber Harvests in Bid to Rescue Mont. Ecosystem
New York Times, September 14, 2011

Forest Jobs and Recreation Act Testimony - July 25, 2013

The portions of the Forest Jobs & Recreation Act that pertain to management on the Kootenai National Forest are the direct result of the Three Rivers Challenge.

To look at a map of the Three Rivers Challenge, click here.

The Three Rivers Challenge is the map of common ground that was created from the work of the Lincoln County Coalition – a diverse bipartisan citizens’ group comprised of loggers, mill owners, snowmobile and ATV riders, conservationists, hunters and anglers, wilderness advocates, educators, elected officials, outfitters and local businesses. We joined together in a collaborative attempt to promote forest health, sustainable landscape management and sustainable communities and forests; to revitalize the wood products industry and our local economy, to preserve recreation opportunities, both motorized and nonmotorized, and to protect certain backcountry areas in the Yaak. We mapped an area of common ground that we think can end the timber wars on the Three Rivers District and avert a potential war between motorized and nonmotorized recreation.

To further these goals we sought to develop, in partnership with the Three Rivers District of the Kootenai National Forest, the Three Rivers District Cooperative Stewardship Forest Study Area – a small experimental pilot project area - which would do the following:

To read a recent editorial on the FJRA, click here.

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