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the-roadless-yaakThe Roadless Yaak

Reflections & Observations about one of Our Last Great Wild Places by Nationally Known Authors.

why-i-came-westWhy I Came West

By Rick Bass
Hardcover – First Signed Edition!
A sequel to THE BOOK OF YAAK (which helped lead to the formation of the Yaak Valley Forest Council), WHY I CAME WEST is a collection of essays about art, activism, hunting, cooking, eating, and living in the Yaak, centered always around the YVFC’s indefatigable push to help designate the first wilderness in the Yaak since the Wilderness Act was passed in 1964.One hundred percent of the receipts from the purchase of this book will go toward the YVFC. Thanks for your help!


Yaak Valley Forest Council
Logos celebrating YVFC and the Wilderness Festival with Whimsical Artwork of Banjo-playing Porcupine.

100% Organic Cotton.
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