Community Development Program

We are actively supporting a more united, vibrant and healthy community in the Troy, Bull River and Yaak communities. We are promoting and enabling a broad spectrum of community members to be included in community activities, and providing leadership training and implementation opportunities. We are building local economy, using community driven initiatives in business, and making growth sustainable, both ecologically and economically.


Community Agriculture

What better forum to inspire awareness of the relationship between environmental ethics, economic development, and community health than a gathering around local food?

In collaboration with local gardeners and city officials, we launched a Troy Farmer’s Market in 2012 that is now in its fourth season. The market has established a steadily growing base of support from both producers and consumers, providing a venue for community engagement, economic exchange, and incubation of further development concepts.

The market is located on the beautiful grounds of the Troy Museum on Highway 2. If you would like to experience the market as a customer, join us during the market from 3:30 – 6:30 pm on Fridays, June through September.

If you are interested in being a vendor, contact Shawna at, visit our website at; or follow us on facebook at

Annual Apple Festival

The Yaak Valley Forest Council and the Troy Farmers Market hosts an Apple Festival during a special farmers market on the 4th Friday of September with extended hours and activities which celebrate the connection between our local area – excellent for growing apples, and our position in Grizzly and Black bear habitat. Check out this years festival details on our calendar and join us for apple and bear activities including free apple pressing, an apple pie contest, kids’ games, and bear awareness demonstrations.

Photo by Marcus Vinicus


Tourism that sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical character of a place—its environment, heritage, aesthetics, culture, and the well-being of its residents.

The YVFC will be working on a geotourism map for the Troy area in partnership with the Troy Chamber of Commerce ( Our first stage will include a printed and web-based map of the town, featuring both built and natural landmarks. The goal of the map is to provide an interactive, attractive and accessible guide to the town for tourists and locals alike. We will include public resources such as the city hall, post office, and city park but also hikes and historical sites that will be of interest to all. We will be asking for public input on the map through public meetings and surveys at the farmers market, on the street, and via social media.

If you have ideas for the map or if you would like to help put it together, please contact Shawna at

Community Capacity Building

We are working to create dynamic leaders and strong sustainable economic development in our local area. Our community development coordinator Shawna Kelsey is a member of the Troy Economic Committee and has facilitated a series of leadership trainings held in Troy, including classes specifically related to small business management for Famer’s Market vendors.


Innovate Montana

As part of the Innovate Montana event that is put on by the MT Governor’s office of economic development, the Community Development coordinator mobilized local business owners and entrepreneurs to share a vision for creative growth and improved economic vitality for the area.