Forest Watch

Forestry and Wilderness

We have led Lincoln County’s community of forest stakeholders to consensus for forest management that supports both human and animal communities. For endangered species, we campaign for the protection of wildlife corridors and wilderness, while for humans we aim for fire-resistant communities, the peaceful co-existence of humans and wildlife and places for motorized and non-motorized recreation – not just in the Yaak but across Kootenai National Forest. In addition to working for wilderness protection within the Kootenai’s special wild places, we have brought over a million dollars into Lincoln County through forest restoration projects that employ local contractors, and created restoration plans to ensure this work will continue.


Working with the Stakeholders

The Forest Watch Coordinator plays an active role in a community where the land and its people are inseparable. Working in the forest and in the community, our Coordinator develops working relationships with partners and assumes leadership responsibilities for the Three Rivers District Team as a part of the Kootenai Forest Stakeholder Coalition.

Our current wilderness and recreation designations protect certain wild, roadless areas in the Yaak that are secure refuge for local wildlife. Wilderness designation in these areas is supported by the Kootenai Stakeholders, whose shared goals were brought about by years of collaborative effort and show that on the 2.2 million acres that comprise the Kootenai National Forest, there is space for all values.


Summer Hikes

Each year, the Yaak Valley Forest Council hosts summer hikes that are free and open to the public. These hikes bring together a diverse group of participants to experience the Yaak Valley’s wild country we’re working to protect, as well as a chance to learn more about native plants and animals from locals who have an intimate knowledge of the landscape.

For more information about management or recreation activities on the Kootenai National Forest and how to get involved, contact Anthony South –
Stay tuned for more information about summer hikes.


Our Forest Watch team are the eyes, ears, and voice for conservation on the ground. We follow the U.S. Forest Service’s National Environment Policy Act [NEPA] steps on each project, from scoping through to environmental analysis and the draft record of decision, making input where the community indicates concern.

Photo by Anthony South

Our years of experience of pre and post harvest monitoring and commitment to follow through on long term monitoring of projects inform further work, such as the creation of Coalition For Recovery, a local group whose goal is to create positive messaging and provide education and outreach opportunities for grizzly bear recovery in the Cabinet-Yaak ecosystem.

The goal of our monitoring program is to bring about forest management that create conditions that sustain the health of our watersheds, wildlife, local communities, and local economies – in the present and future.

Projects Monitored

Program Photos