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The Yaak Valley Forest Council recently worked with our local Troy and Yaak schools, Dept. of Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists, and partnering organizations the Montana’s Outdoor Legacy Foundation and Friends of Scotchman Peaks to help survey for wolverine and educate our community about their ecology and presence in our area.

The Yaak Valley Forest Council and InRoads Consulting are partnering to monitor the use of reclaimed roads by wildlife in the Yaak.

Montana Forest
Collaboration Network

The last election showed sharp divisions in our nation. But in Montana, we are working with each other to expand common ground. One example is the newly formed Montana Forest Collaboration Network.

Website: Montana Forest Collaboration Network.



The Roadless Yaak

The Yaak Valley has been logged for its timber more than any other valley in the state. There are, however, 15 areas that remain untouched by loggers. Author Rick Bass has recruited dozens of writers, scientists and locals in a campaign to preserve the last of the Yaak’s forested areas as wilderness. Diane Toomey talked with him about his new collection of essays called: “The Roadless Yaak: Reflections and Observations About One of Our Last Great Wild Places.”


Mud Season

Come March, it sometimes seems as if winter will never end. But despite the snow and mud, writer Rick Bass notices changes that indicate Spring is on its way.



The Thinness of the Soil

Rick Bass reads from an essay-in-progress on “westernness,” bringing together familiar themes of place and people, of beauty and art and their relation to the problematic idea of wilderness. His thoughts are grounded in human and economic realities of life in the Yaak valley, where he makes his home, writes, and works with the Yaak Valley Forest Council. This reading took place at the Best of Bioneers event in Bozeman on March 27, 2011.