Become a Yaak Valley Forest Council Member

"As someone who grew up in Yaak as a child and still calls it home decades later, it was very important to me and my family to do a little bit to give back to our community and help the members of the Yaak Valley Forest Council. These friends and neighbors of ours work passionately and tirelessly to protect what is, to my family, the most special place on earth." -Rachel Coon of the Yaak Valley

Join the Yaak Valley Forest Council and help us work For a Wild Yaak!

Did you know that older forests remove more carbon from the atmosphere than newly planted trees? The ancient and intact forest ecosystems found in the wild Yaak naturally store carbon and protect threatened species like Canada lynx and the Yaak’s recovering grizzly population. These forests and the abundance of wildlife they shelter are constantly under threat from unsustainable logging and road-building that fragments and harms wildlife habitat and damages native-fisheries. in the Yaak River watershed. The rich biodiversity and forests of the wild Yaak need your support. 

Please take a moment to become a member of the Yaak Valley Forest Council. Together, YVFC members, staff, board, and supporters work to conduct habitat restoration, scientific research, and preserve the Yaak River watershed. For as little as $25 a year, you can help protect wildlife habitat, defend native fisheries, and save the wild Yaak’s last grizzly bears.