Projects and Programs

  • The Yaak Valley Forest Council works for a wild Yaak through science, education, and bold action based programs.


  • The Yaak Valley Forest Council’s Climate Refuge Program seeks to identify, protect, and restore the landscape and species of the Yaak that are sensitive and uniquely resilient to the effects of climate change.


  • We address the primary issues of habitat restoration and protecting the Yaak River watershed through our Headwaters Program.


  • Our Forest Watch Program focuses  on preserving the wild Yaak through involvement in all local resource management activities that are proposed and conducted by federal land managers.


  • The Yaak Valley Forest Council is working to promote the Southern Route of the PNT and re-route the Pacific Northwest Scenic Trail out of critical grizzly bear habitat to protect bears, support local economies, preserve access, and maintain sustainable timber harvest.



  • Through Wild Yaak Studios, we document, explore, and share the wonders of a Wild Yaak.
Yaak River Bank
A Forest Council member at the site of a river bank restoration project.