Below are various maps, graphics, and other educational resources related to the Yaak and surrounding areas. Click on the title of each file to view them in your web browser, or right-click and select “Save As…” to save them to your device.

  • Overview of the Yaak River Watershed

    High resolution trans-national map of the Yaak River watershed compiled from data provided by USGS, US Census, MDEQ, and NRCS.

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    Format: PDF

  • Lincoln County - National Forest Roadless Areas

    Map showing all roadless areas, wildernes areas, and national forest lands in Lincoln County and surrounding areas. Map created by Montana Wilderness Association with data from US Forest Service.

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    Format: PDF

  • Recovery Areas

    Image of grizzly bear recovery zones in the lower 48 states, created by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks as part of their Grizzly Bear Management Plan.

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  • Kootenai Forest Federal Jurisdiction

    Image showing the federal jurisdiction in the Kootenai Forest (source: U.S. Forest Service).

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  • Scotchman Peaks Wilderness and Recreation Proposal

    High resolution map of the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness and Recreation area. Provided by a collaboration between Common Ground Subcommittee and Kootenai Forest Stakeholders.

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    Format: PDF

  • Cabinet Yaak Wildlands

    High resolution map of the Cabinet-Yaak Wildlands showing wilderness and roadless areas in the Cabinet Yaak Ecosystem (CYE).

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  • Sparring Bulls Vicinity Map

    High resolution map of the Spar and Bull Lake sub-unit landscape assessment (“Sparring Bulls”). The Sparring Bulls project, lead by the Three Rivers Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service, includes nearly 10,400 acres of natural fuels burning to enhance wildlife habitat.

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  • Grizzly Vegetation and Transportation Managment Map

    Map showing the general area of the Grizzly Vegetation and Transportation Management Project (Grizzly Project). The Grizzly Project includes vegetation management, fuels reduction, watershed rehabilitation activities, wildlife habitat improvement, and access management changes, including road decommissioning.

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  • Alvord Lake RTP Map

    Map displaying the Alvord Lake area including the trail system and public facility locations, created as part of grant proposal for the Recreational Trails Program (RTP).

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  • Three Rivers Challenge

    Map displaying a proposed forest-management plan “for one Kootenai National Forest district that will put people to work, reduce fire danger, maintain places for all sorts of recreation, and protect some of the forest’s wildest places” (Robyn King, former executive director of YVFC).

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  • Inventoried Roadless Areas in the Yaak

    Map displaying the inventoried roadless areas in the Yaak geographic area. Inventoried Roadless Areas (IRAs) are areas of the National Forest System (NFS) managed according to regulations, known as roadless rules, that generally limit timber harvesting and road building.

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  • Cabinet Purcell Mountain Range - Big Picture

    Map displaying the general area of the Cabinet Purcell mountain range and protected wilderness areas of the inland Northwest extending into Canada.

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  • Yaak Area Wilderness and Recreation Proposal

    High resolution map displaying the proposed wilderness and recreation area in the Yaak. Provided by a collaboration between Common Ground Subcommittee and Kootenai Forest Stakeholders.

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    Format: PDF

  • Cabinet Mountains Wilderness and Recreation Proposal

    High resolution map of a proposed expansion of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness. Provided by a collaboration between Common Ground Subcommittee and Kootenai Forest Stakeholders.

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  • Starry Goat Project Area Map

    Map of the Starry Goat Project area. The Starry Goat Project includes timber harvest and associated fuels treatments, prescribed burning, watershed and recreation improvements.

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    Format: PDF

  • OLY Scoping Map

    Detailed map of the Lower Yaak, O’Brien, Sheep (OLY) Project on the Three Rivers Ranger District. The 67,500 acre project area includes timber harvest, hazardous fuels reduction treatments, prescribed burning, watershed improvements, approximately one mile of road construction, road storage and decommissioning, and recreation site improvements. About fifty-two percent of the project area is within the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI).

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  • East Reservoir Map

    Map of the East Reservoir Project Area on the Kootenai National Forest. The East Reservoir Project proposes 8,845 acres of commercial logging, 5,563 acres of pre-commercial thinning, 35.5 miles of roads changed to non-motorized trail, and 10,049 acres of fuels and wildlife treatments.

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